World map with a train, airplane, boat, and cargo container with boxes. All this to represent multimodal transport.

What Is Multimodal Transport? – The Three Main Types

Multimodal transport is a term commonly used in the shipping industry to describe the movement of cargo using more than one mode of transportation. It is often used in the global supply chain to move shipments from one country to another but is also used for in-country transport. Using multimodal transport offers a variety of benefits for companies around the world. Before diving into the advantages, however, it is important to understand what it is and how it can work for you.

The Three Main Types of Multimodal Transport Systems

The primary modes of transportation that define multimodal setups include air, land, and sea. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose the right ones for your specific needs. Since any single method has weaknesses, multimodal transport makes sense for the majority of companies who rely on fast, efficient, and affordable logistics.

Air freight takes the least amount of time to travel between two different locations anywhere on Earth. It can handle most types of cargo in a variety of sizes and weights. However, it’s speed translates into higher costs overall. This is an important consideration for businesses who want to reduce expenses.

Land transport offers a middle ground between air and ocean freight when it comes to speed. It is more affordable then sending goods by airplane, but it may not be suitable for all cargo types or locations. This is most frequently used within a single country, across nearby borders in Europe, and as last-mile logistics services. Of course, you cannot deliver cargo directly to a warehouse on an airplane or a freighter ship.

Ocean transport takes longer, costs less, and requires nearby ports to handle the cargo container offloading before sending the goods on to another form of transportation. As you can see, multimodal transport is a common option for most international shipments.

Who Uses This Type of Global Transport?

To put it simply: almost everyone. Across industries and around the world, companies of all types ship products, materials, equipment, and more using multimodal transport. It is simply impossible to get something from its origin to the final destination with one type of vehicle in most cases. It is especially useful for shipments that have multiple logistical stops where they are broken down or repackaged in some way for continuing transport or delivery.

Does Multimodal Transport Have Real Benefits?

Yes. There are many positive practical applications for multimodal transport around the world. It offers a structured beginning to end process that covers every part of the journey in the best way possible. This can lead to financial savings, increased efficiency, and more.

Since you can choose the specific carriers or go with a logistics company who manages everything for you, you have more control over who handles your shipment from start to finish. Going with a trusted company with a multifaceted approach to the shipping world negates any of the concerns that could come with using more than one option throughout a single trip.

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