Forklift placing container over a truck for intermodal transport of goods.

Intermodal Transport – Meaning and Benefits for Global Freight

The world of international shipping focuses on the most efficient, fastest, and most affordable transportation options possible. Intermodal transport offers all of these things to a considerable degree for companies who want to streamline their logistics process.

It offers many benefits over other shipping methods both for your business overhead costs and the world at large. It is often considered one of the most environmentally conscious forms of supply chain management because it can reduce road congestion and increases transport efficiency.

Intermodal Transport Defined

Although similar to multimodal shipping, intermodal transport means something slightly different. It refers to the movement of cargo using multiple modes of transportation. However, in this type of system, the products or materials stay in the same container throughout the entire process. This is most specifically seen when large cargo containers are loaded onto ships for an ocean voyage and then transported directly to railways or tractor-trailers for land freight.

What Advantages Exist for This Transportation Option?

When you have to use multiple modes of transportation to get your goods where they need to go, you have two main options. Multimodal transport frequently involves the repackaging or re-categorization of cargo when shifting between sea, air, and land options. Intermodal transport keeps things in the same cargo container throughout the entire logistics process. There are obvious benefits to this method.

The biggest advantage is speed. By using trucks, trains, airplanes, and ships, you can plan the quickest and most efficient routes from your location to the destination. There are fewer delays when switching from one type to the next because workers only need to shift the container instead of processing the shipment parts individually.

This also increases security. The fewer number of people who have access to your goods, the better. Other than the potential of necessary inspections, border crossings and the like, no one will have access to what is inside the container when moving it from ship to playing to truck. The only shifts that may occur exist with some cross-border shipments that use different size containers for different vehicles.

How to Choose the Best Intermodal Shipping Service

For maximum efficiency and oversight, choose a single shipment management company like Amekar Logistics to take care of all your intermodal transport needs for you. We understand land, sea, and air freight options and have the best supply chain and transportation connections open to you. Both national service in Spain and international transportation options are available. We have a strong track record of satisfying clients with our worry-free shipping services. Our goal is to get your goods where they need to go with no wasted time, hassles, or unexpected costs.

Intermodal transport can often get you the best results when it comes to international supply chain management. If you have any questions about its benefits or processes, contact us today to learn more. We are ready to help you ease any supply chain issues and facilitate a smoother and more efficient transportation process.

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