Freight aircraft open in the front for oversize load hauling.

Guide to Oversize Load Hauling by Air

Global logistics supply chains and freight carriers transport everything from individual packages to massive cargo containers and beyond. If you need oversize load hauling to conduct business profitably, there are quite a few things to consider in order to make the process as efficient and affordable as possible.

In order to transport heavy or outsized cargo internationally, you need more than a truck with a wide load sign. Not every shipment is suitable for sea transport on massive ships either. Oversize load hauling by air is one of the best options you can choose to get your cargo where they need to go on time.

What Makes Oversize Cargo Unique?

Oversize cargo is defined as any load that exceeds the standard limitations for size or weight defined by transportation authorities. These loads are unique because they frequently require special permits and supply chain considerations in order to transport them effectively from source to destination. Oversize load hauling can present a challenge to manufacturers and logistics companies tasked with handling the containers. With proper planning and execution, it can be done safely and efficiently.

Why Choose Air Freight for Oversize Loads?

There are many factors to consider when engaged with oversize load hauling. These include:

  • Cargo types.
  • Specific supply chain requirements like temperature management.
  • Distance it needs to travel.
  • Any obstacles or potential delays along the route.

Most importantly, you need to choose the best possible transport option for this type of extra-large or heavy cargo. Air freight is a great option in many cases.

Many great reasons exist to use air transport for oversize load hauling. It is usually the fastest and most convenient way to transport large items or combined shipments. Airplanes carry a lot of cargo between major airports in countries all around the world. It is especially useful when exporting goods, a long-distance that is not accessible over the road, does not have commercial train stations nearby, and lacks seaports. Air freight for oversize load hauling is generally one of the most available and efficient options.

Special Considerations for Oversize Load Hauling by Air

Oversize loads mean something different when it comes to transporting loads by airplanes. While cargo planes can carry quite a lot of weight and volume, it does not align with the sheer size allowed by ocean freight shipping options. Of course, land transportation with trucks has even smaller limits. The definitions of oversize freight may vary based on the company actually doing the air transport. They are quite strict about the amount of space and weight your goods take up. Also, they tend to charge more than other options.

While oversize load hauling by air offers fast and convenient shipping options, you should expect to pay more than if you choose ocean transport. When you work with a smart logistics company, however, you can get the best prices around and trust that your cargo arrives at its destination as quickly as possible.

Reach out to Amekar Logistics to learn more about shipping oversize load by air and all the other transportation options. We specialize in taking care of all your global supply chain needs with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

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