Wheel of an airplane on the ground under the rain with a yellow vehicle in the background.

Aircraft on Ground (AOG): Shipping, Logistics & Warehousing Services

What is AOG?

Aircraft on ground (AOG) is when an airplane has to undergo some services that need it to be grounded. The grounded aircraft can’t re-enter rotation before the servicing is complete, and approval for flight is given. In-service aircraft are grounded because of several factors, but the most common are:


Weather changes that cause rain, low clouds, or fog can affect visibility in the plane route. Thus, a pilot might be forced to ground an aircraft for safety.

Mechanical Issues

When a plane fails FAA aircraft inspections, it has to be grounded until the faulty issue has been resolved. In most cases, the problems are not worthy of concern, as they can be as minor as a single faulty sensor.

Flight Scheduling Conflicts

These issues arise from factors like ineffective crew scheduling, high air control traffic, and disruption of the set flight schedule by unforeseen problems.

Aircraft on Ground Shipping Services

This is a crucial phase of international delivery services. AOG shipping involves transporting a package from the layover to the destination airport. The service is offered to individuals or businesses with time-sensitive cargo that should arrive at its destination within 24-48 hours maximum.

For example, under AOG shipping, a company can expressly pick up AOG parts from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and drop them off at the AOG location or any other convenient place. Land or air freight forwarding facilitates the process of pickup and drop-off services.

Besides, AOG shipping can ensure on-transit cargo is collected from the layover for you and shipped off at the earliest possible flight departure to the destination airport. The responsible company will then confirm the freight is handed to customs for clearing processes.

If you are interested in value-added services, AOG shipping companies can also handle customs formalities to ensure the cargo is released. Thus, you don’t have to worry about customs officers examining your customs paperwork or clearing of taxes and duties as there is the delivery duty paid option.

Aircraft on Ground Logistics Services

Logistics companies specialized in AOG strategically organize and implement the transportation of your shipment from a layover to the final destination. Their main service might be the delivery of cargo to customers, but they also offer several value-added services like packaging and unitization for your convenience. Other examples of additional services can be:

Real-time Tracking of Shipment

Some AOG logistics businesses have incorporated technology in their operations. Therefore, they can connect the GPS location of their dedicated fleets of vehicles to the clients’ phones or personal computers via tracking software. With the help of this software, you will be updated on the progress of your delivery. The company managing your package ensures you know the exact location of your cargo and when you can expect to receive it.

Inventory Management Services

The processes under this value-added service are similar to those offered in warehouses. The involved logistical company determines the available stock, its weight and quantity, and its physical location. Inventory services are critical in ensuring the clients’ shipment doesn’t get compromised or lost.

Aircraft on Ground Warehousing Services

Companies that offer this service usually store shipments for their clients to await transportation or delivery to the final destination. They might also provide value-added services to improve customer satisfaction. Some of the most common value-added services in AOG warehousing services are:


Companies might transfer a package from one form of freight forwarding to another for this service. For example, an organization could transfer cargo from an airplane or ship to a delivery pickup. This process might require temporary storage of the shipment to avoid compromising its integrity.

Cross Docking

This process involves professional experts in the deconsolidation of a shipment into several packages. The involved logistical company then delivers the packages to different destinations as instructed by the client.

Contract Warehousing

A logistical business generally provides a temporal distribution center to a client under this value-added service. Contract warehousing allows you to personally transport or deliver your goods to their final destination.

Hire Professionals for AOG Logistical Services

Is your cargo stuck in a layover because of AOG? Do you need the load to reach you expressly? If your answer to the two questions was yes, don’t worry! A professional and highly experienced logistics company is available to deliver your shipment to a location of your convenience. All you need to do is contact Amekar Logistics, an organization specialized in AOG freight forwarding.

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